Monday, 16.Sep.2019, 9:21:24
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     Dr.(Phys.)Dipl.-Ing.Ralf-Udo Hartmann

Assembly an 3D IMAX projector

As the film passes through the projector, the patented IMAX® rolling loop system advances the film by creating a loop or wave of film that lays on the rear element of the lens assembly as each loop or wave passes by the aperture (or light opening) in the projector. The film is held in place by registration pins and further secured to the back of the lens by a vacuum. The projection system also utilizes compressed air that forms a cushion as the film moves through the projector at almost six feet per second. This proprietary technology along with IMAX® cameras that use similar exclusive technology that are used in capturing the massive images on film earned IMAX® an Academy Award in 1997 for scientific and technical achievement.
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